Are you ready for a FRENZY of fun? Loaded with prizes, the Louisiana Lottery has the perfect family of games that are bound to create a whirlwind! Try your luck at winning up to $200,000 and get caught up in the FRENZY today! Play your favorite or try all four!

$50 Frenzy

Top prizes of $1,000!

Loaded with $50 prizes!

$100 Frenzy

Top prizes of $10,000!

Bunches of  $100 prizes!

$500 Frenzy

Top prizes of $100,000

Supercharged with $500 prizes!

Plus, includes a BONUS game on the back!

$1,000 Frenzy 

Top prizes of $200,000!

Packed with $1,000 prizes!

It's a doubler, too!