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Win Now! Win Later! That's Easy 5 with ezmatch. And now from March 30-April 30, 2014, when you add the $1 ezmatch option to your Easy 5 ticket, you'll have the chance to win up to $500 instantly! During our ezDay$ of April promotion, we're doubling the top prize on ezmatch, offering better odds on other ezmatch prize levels and creating a richer ezmatch prize payout!

Cost: $2 per Easy 5 with ezmatch play

Limited Time Promotion: March 30 - April 30, 2014





How To Play

How to Play ezmatch

Sample Easy 5 with ezmatch ticket

When you add ezmatch to your Easy 5 ticket, the Lottery's terminal will print five ezmatch numbers in a column on your ticket, along with a corresponding instant prize amount for each number. Simply match any of your five ezmatch numbers to any of the Easy 5 numbers on your ticket to win the ezmatch prize shown for that number! You can win an ezmatch prize for each number you match-- up to $500 during ezDay$ of April!

Can I purchase ezmatch on a ticket with multiple boards?

Yes. When purchasing a multiboard Easy 5 ticket with the ezmatch option, the terminal will print separate tickets with separate ezmatch numbers for each Easy 5 play.


Can I purchase ezmatch on a multidraw ticket?

Yes. However, only one ezmatch play per Easy 5 board may be purchased on a multidraw ticket.



How To Claim

You may claim ezmatch match prizes immediately at any Lottery retailer. If the Easy 5 drawing has not yet occurred, you should receive an exchange ticket containing your chosen numbers for the Easy 5 drawing in addition to your ezmatch cash prize.

If you choose to wait until after the Easy 5 drawing to claim your ezmatch prize, it will be combined with any Easy 5 winnings from that ticket.

Any combined prize totaling more than $600 on one ticket must be claimed at a Louisiana Lottery regional office. As with all Lottery draw-style games, ezmatch prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the first Easy 5 drawing date on the ticket.