The odds of winning $1 million have never been better for Louisiana Lottery players starting Monday, Feb. 8 at 5 a.m. That is when sales begin for the Lottery's latest $10 raffle game, $1,000,000 RAFFLE.
"With its large top prize, limited number of tickets and competitive odds, $1,000,000 RAFFLE promises players excitement and anticipation," said Lottery President Rose Hudson. "That's a recipe for lottery success!"

Like a traditional raffle game, only a limited number of tickets will be available - 300,000 to be exact. On April 15, one $1 million winning raffle number will be drawn from those sold, along with five numbers worth $50,000 and another 500 numbers worth $500. In all, 506 players will walk away with $1.5 million in cash prizes.

This is the second raffle game to be offered by the Lottery. The first launched in 2008, and tickets sold out in less than seven weeks.

"Since our last raffle game, we've repeatedly had players ask us when we would launch a new raffle game,  so we feel very confident that this game will be a sell-out based on player demand," explained Hudson.

Raffle numbers will be generated in sequential order from 000001 to 300000. Players can purchase more than one raffle ticket at $10 each, but each number will print on a separate ticket.

"For security purposes, we strongly suggest that players sign the back of their ticket immediately after purchasing and treat the ticket as cash, securing it until the drawing," advised Hudson. Players must present their original winning ticket by Oct. 12, 2010, in order to claim any raffle prize.

Odds of winning the $1 million prize are 1 in 300,000. Odds of winning any prize are 1 in 593.

$1,000,000 RAFFLE tickets may be purchased legally only from an authorized Louisiana Lottery retailer and only by those age 21 and older.

Complete game rules are available on the Lottery's Web site and $1,000,000 RAFFLE drawing results, including a listing of all 506 winning raffle numbers for all three prize tiers will be available on the site on April 15 following the drawing.

As with all of its games, 35 percent of sales is transferred to the state to fund public education. The Lottery cautions players to play responsibly and to know that help is available to those who may have a gambling problem by calling toll-free, 1-877-770-7867.