Louisiana Lottery President Rose J. Hudson will join the elite ranks of the Lottery Industry Hall of Fame after its 68 international members elected her as a 2016 inductee.

During Hudson's 10 years at the helm, annual Lottery sales have skyrocketed to more than half a billion dollars in 2016, eclipsing even its first full year of sales when the state's gaming industry was less saturated. Equally notable, just last year Louisiana had the highest percentage increase in beneficiary fund transfers among any lottery. Under Hudson's leadership, Louisiana was also the first lottery to receive industry certification of its quality assurance practices and was recognized for creating some of the best-selling co-branded games in the country.

The Lottery Industry Hall of Fame was founded in 2005 by the international Public Gaming Research Institute as a means of honoring those who have done the most to promote excellence and integrity in the world lottery industry and make it a success.

The ceremony to induct Hudson into the Lottery Industry Hall of Fame will be held Oct. 4 during the annual conference of the North American Association of State & Provincial Lotteries in Atlanta. More information about the Lottery Industry Hall of Fame and its members at can be found at www.lotteryindustryhalloffame.com