Heat Wave - Game No. 996

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Game Summary
Ticket Price:$5
Top Prize:$100,000
Overall Odds of Winning:1 in 3.92
Top Prizes Remaining:0 of 3
Approximate Percent Sold:93%
Launch Date:05/31/16
Close Date:12/28/16
Final Redemption Date:04/26/17

How to Play

How to Play

Match any of YOUR NUMBERS to any of the WINNING NUMBERS, win PRIZE shown for that number. Reveal a  (SUNGLASSES)

symbol, win that PRIZE instantly. Reveal a  (SUN) symbol, win DOUBLE the PRIZE shown for that symbol.

Prize Chart
Tier PrizeOdds of WinningTotalClaimedRemaining
$100,0001 in 324,583.33330
$1,0001 in 40,572.9224222
$2501 in 15,214.8464631
$1001 in 317.183,0702,946124
$501 in 144.716,7296,462267
$301 in 202.654,8054,588217
$251 in 50.7719,17818,429749
$151 in 50.7719,17818,296882
$101 in 10.1595,89090,8325,058
TICKET 1 in 10.1595,89087,8258,065
Prize data last updated: 01/23/2017 12:54:03 PM CST

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